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Bike Coaching

Cycling coaching will identify your current level of cycling ability. We will analyze your form, technique and cadence to help you improve your skills to be a more proficient cyclist. We will cover turning, quick stops, climbing, descending, sprinting, cadence, time trialing and bike care and safety. Bike fit is also reviewed and corrected if needed, as well as help making sure you are purchasing the right bike for you. 

Cycling Coaching Includes:
  • Consultation either in person, via phone or email.
  • Bike purchase suggestions and help with bike fit.
  • Analysis of cycling form, cadence and efficiency.
  • Initial endurance testing to establish your training zones.
  • Periodized strength and aerobic schedules sent monthly.
  • Nutritional overview and guidance.
  • Heart rate training zones established.
  • Final race preparation to ensure your on track.

Individual Bike video analysis and lesson

$129 an hour

Contact to get your plan started.


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