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Why Hire A Coach?

Here are just a few reasons:

Just not getting faster?
Looking to enhance your training?
Need motivation?
Want to beat your PR?
Not sure what to eat and when?
Not sure where to start?

Then let our experience work for you. Our programs are based on athlete and coach relationships and are dependent on the communication between the coach and athlete. Our programs are based on your goals, not preprogrammed workouts. We take into account your goals, lifestyle, experience level, and time available for training and then we design a program to help you reach those goals.

Prepackaged training plans will only get you so far, and in some cases offer no improvement to your performance or health. We are available via phone and email as needed seven days per week. We will even modify your training sessions last minute if needed to adapt to your demanding schedule. At Tri Performance we understand that our clients demand the best, and we are here ready to provide it.

What does the training and coaching consist of?

Coaching and Personal Training begins with an in-depth consultation that allows us to learn about your fitness and health related background. We will go over your strengths, weaknesses, goals, exercise history, and medical history. Depending on where you live, this initial meeting could be in-person or over the phone. From this and subsequent phone and email conversations, we will be able to intelligently design training program that makes the most efficient use of your training time. After all if your training does not have purpose then why are you doing it? Before starting we will gather your body measurements, body composition, resting heart and resting blood pressure, as well as go over your nutrition. Lactate Threshold Testing and Power Testing is highly recommended to ensure a true personalized program.  We will aslo do a premlinary swim, bike and run test to make sure you are headed in the right direction and so you can see your body and times change and improve.

Tri Performance will not only guide you through the training to get to your target race in top shape, but will also advise you on a range of topics from equipment, and nutrition to race strategy.
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