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Multi Sport Coaching

Online Coaching is a great opportunity for the athlete who needs guidence in fine-tuning their skill(s). If you are someone who is self-motivated or goal oriented but is missing the knowlege and/or personalized program design to get you to the next level: online coaching could be your solution. In today's world, there are many aspects of one's life that require time allocations: online coaching gives your the direction needed to work within your own time budget. There are countless items of fitness equipment either going unused or forgotten in homes everywhere. The full potential of these items may have never even been known to you. Online Coaching welcomes personal one-on-one meetings but certainly does not require them. These programs are tailored so that your updates are available whether you are at home or traveling.

Multi Sport Coaching Includes:
  • Consultation either in person or via the phone or email.
  • Recommended Initial endurance testing to establish your training zones.
  • Periodized strength and aerobic schedules sent monthly.
  • Nutritional overview and guidance.
  • Overview on form in all disciplines.
  • Unlimited contact to your coach via email and phone.  

Training Plan Options:

We offer three customized options for your individual training needs.

Option 1: $150 per month for Triathon / $99 per month for Single Sport:

Full service individual coaching for those looking for monthly customized plans that the user can change and update. Plan includes a training peaks preferred account, one in person meeting to go over plan and answer questions up to one hour in time, location at the coaches choice. Unlimited emails, text and cell calls to the coach included. 72 hour updates to scheduled plan upon request. Plan is customized to heart rate zone and power zones and is based on racing schedule.

Option 2: $129

General Training Plan

If you are  just looking for a plan to get you started we offer 12, 16 , 20 week general plans to help you get to your race.

Contact to get your plan started



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