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Non Chip Timing/Time Machine-Road Race

Time/Data Entry

Times can be entered via grip-switches or a 10-key keyboard. Start times can be recorded by grip-switch, keyboard, or a sound transducer (gun-sensing microphone). Bib numbers and menu choices for setup are entered via the keyboard. Inputs are displayed on the liquid crystal display (LCD) as they are entered or recalled. Deletion of times/bib numbers requires a five-step key sequence to prevent accidental loss of data. All data is preserved when the machine is turned off.

Physical features:
  • Independent, high precision crystal controlled timebase circuit.
  • Small and lightweight with high impact ABS molded plastic enclosure.
  • Portable - operated by rechargeable battery.
  • 18-key full size keyboard. Full travel keys with tactile feedback.
  • 2 line, 32 character LCD alphanumeric display.
  • 28 column thermal printer, 1 line/sec print rate.
  • 10 timing lane inputs plus an additional select timing lane input.
  • Start input, start output, RS232 data, external clock and battery charge ports.
Lap Timing:
  • Used for general purpose “lap timed” events (auto, boat, bicycle, etc).
  • Stores and displays both split times and lap times.
  • Provides lap counter for up to 30 laps (rolls over to “0” upon overflowing).
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