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Performance Testing

Power Watt Testing
Heart rate and watt zones established based on Power Output

Lactate Testing:

Blood Lactate Testing
Discover your Lactate Threshold and have your heart rate, and power training zones established based on your body's ability to handle lactate in the blood stream.

Lactate Testing provides a multidimensional profile of conditioning. Because lactate is produced by the anaerobic system and used by the aerobic system, it is the only marker available for measuring both systems. The amount of energy an athlete can produce per unit of time depends on the development of both systems, which is why they have to be balanced. (Essentially this means training the anaerobic system to a level that is appropriate for the athlete's aerobic capacity.) This balance will depend upon the event for which the athlete is competing and will also depend upon which part of the training cycle the athlete is in. The first part of the training cycle focuses on building as strong an aerobic system as possible. As the athlete gets close to the "big" event, the anaerobic system will have to be "fine tuned" for a peak performance.
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