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Timing & Event Management

Why Us?

Tri Performance, LLC is a team of sports enthusiasts dedicated to improving the race experience for Race Directors and Participants.  Chip timing is primarily about database management. Without accurate database, the timing results are flawed or useless which leads to unhappy participants. At Tri Performance, LLC we spend the majority of our time behind the scenes before the event making sure that your event day runs smoothly. That includes timely posting of results throughout the event, on time scoring results per your criteria, and friendly staff to answer questions.

Timing Technology

The Winning Time system is designed around the TIRIS RFID (radio frequency identification) technology developed by Texas Instruments, which delivers proven and highly reliable performance. The equipment and chips have been successfully used to time thousands of races around the world from large marathons to densely-packed nordic ski racing to cycling races where sprinters cross the finish line at 40mph. There are three main elements to the system: The Chip, Box and Antenna.
  The Winning Time transponder (known as a "Chip") is an extremely light passive radio transmitter, without a battery. The Chip consists of a micro antenna and an integrated circuit which can transmit a unique 20 digit code, and is encased in a hard plastic cover. It is worn by the athletes on an adjustable easy-on / easy-off Velcro ankle strap. The chip can also be mounted on a bicycle's front fork with a special lightweight support case. The Winning Time Chip is extremely durable and will last for years

The controller boxes are used wherever athlete data must be captured: starting lines, split check points and finish lines. The controller box houses the TIRIS RFID modules (chip readers), which are controlled by Winning Time's proprietary CPU. Long lasting rechargeable batteries are also included in the box. A built in memory stores data until the user wishes to delete it.

Our weatherproof controller boxes connect to multiple mat antennas that capture chip data (ID code & race time) as athletes pass over them. Numerous communications ports provide connectivity options between the controller boxes and the scoring computer. The boxes have been constructed to withstand the rigors of constant use, environmental conditions and transportation. They are built to last!

The Winning Time mats are composed of antenna wires covered in durable, light-weight rubber. The standard mat is 5 feet wide by 4 feet deep and weighs less than 20 pounds. They easily attach to each other with heavy duty Velcro allowing for any required configuration for starts, finish lines or intermediate check points. The Triathlon Mat is 7 feet wide by 5 feet deep, weighs less than 20 pounds and easily folds up. The non-slip material makes both types of mats ideal for any weather condition.
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