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Frequently asked questions


Does Tri Performance require any special language be added to the race application?

 Yes. We require the following language be listed on the race application:

"This event is being timed and scored by TRI PERFORMANCE, LLC. On race day, participants will be required to pick-up a timing chip at least 1/2 hour prior to the start. The timing chip attaches to the ankle using an elastic strap. Failure to wear a timing chip during the event will prevent the participant from being timed.  At the finish line, all timing chips and ankle straps must be returned to TRI PERFORMANCE, LLC or the participant will be charged $30.00."

Tri Performance also requires that we be listed on the "Waiver and Release" section of the race application which must be signed by all participants.  Were we do carry our own insurance, we still need to be listed as additionally insured with the insurance company insuring the event.  

What time will Tri Performance start on race day?

 Two hours prior to the start of your event. This gives us plenty of time to set-up the timing and scoring equipment, finish line, banner, corral and time clock, and train your volunteers on chip distribution and collection procedures.  For Triathlons and Duathlons, if the course permits, we will set up the day prior to the event.  

How are the timing chips distributed to participants?

 Before race day, we provide alphabetized lists of all pre-registered athletes to the Race Director. These alphabetized lists contains the full name, assigned chip / bib number (same number with our system), event type, gender, age and t-shirt size for each pre-registered athlete. We also deliver boxes filled with numerically ordered envelopes that contain a timing chip with ankle strap.

When pre-registered athletes check in on race day, the volunteers look up their name and assigned chip/bib number on the alphabetized list and then pulls the corresponding chip envelope from a box.

Tri Performance will also deliver unassigned chip / bib envelopes for raceday registrants. Volunteers who process race day registrants will have the registrants fill out the registration form, collect the entry fee and write down the chip / bib number they assign on the completed race registration form. These completed raceday registrations are then given to our data entry personel. It is that easy.

Please note, the race director is required to provide 1 volunteer for every 100 participants at the event in order to hand out chip/bib envelopes. Tri Performance will provide 1 employee to oversee the volunteers at the registration tables since questions can and will arise on race day.  

Is the starting line format any different than for a non-chip timed race?

 No. It is exactly the same for a traditional gun start timed event.  However you choose a mat start can be provided for larger running races.  Also Triathlons and Duathlons can start off a gun start or wave start format. 

How are the timing chips collected at the finish line?

 After the participant crosses the antenna mats at the finish line, a volunteer will direct them to remove their timing chip and throw it in the collection bucket. The ankle strap system allows for the timing chip to be removed in seconds so that the participant can move quickly out of the finish line area to the post-race party.  The race director will be required to provide a minimum of 2 volunteers to collect the timing chips at the finish line. 

What happens if I use another timing chip?

 It is VERY IMPORTANT that you wear only the chip that was assigned to you and placed in your race envelope.  Each chip is uniquely assigned to a specific participant and they are NOT TRANSFERABLE.  If you wear another Winning Time chip, whomever that chip is assigned to will receive your time.  If you wear another timing companies chip – you will receive no results as our system will not record any other companies chips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the results be posted?


 All race results will be posted on the Event’s website as well as http://www.tri-performance.com 

What are the payment terms for timing and scoring an event?


 A $250 non-refundable deposit must be paid up front to lock in the race on our race calendar.    This deposit is applied toward any unpaid balance owed for timing services.  Full payment for all timing services must be made (10) days after your race date.   No exceptions. 

How do I book your services


Contact us first and determine if the we are available for the date your event is taking place.  After which feel out the contract below and email it over to coachcrow@tri-performance.com.  Once we receive your contract we will contact you to confirm the date then the deposit will need to be sent.

Down load contract below to get started